Full and Part Time Nannies

We pre-screen and interview all of our nannies.  We talk to their references and check their backgrounds.  We will forward resumes of nannies who are a match and then we set up interviews and trials with candidates you are interested in.  When you are ready to hire we will assist in preparing your Nanny Agreement.  If for wahtever reason it doesn't work out, we will find a replacement within the first three months of hire.

School Shadow

We have specialists who are adept to navigating the school setting and culture while providing support to your child.  Our School Shadows are not classroom teaching assistants working with the entire class, they are dedicated to your child. We will help with socialization, staying on task, making requests, school work, conflict resolution and strategies, violent behaviors, and elopment. We teach your child the tools they need for success!


Want a plan to help things run smoothly?  Is your child haveing difficulty? Have nanny questions?  Our Founder and CEO Amy Hill will meet with your family and be your modern Super Nanny.

Next Steps...

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