Our Approach

We want to get to know you.  Amy takes the time to meet with your family and Listen.  We want to know, your needs, your likes, dislikes, goals, personality, and what your perfect match is.  Then when we have a sense of you, and the culture of your home, we find your dream nanny.  we belive in quality over quantity.  At ABA nannies we will not waste your time sending you candidates that are not a match.  We want give you stability and do it right the first time.

Our Story

After years of working as a Professional Nanny, Amy kept hearing how her clients had a revolving door or nannies until they found her.  She realized that these amazing families were not seeing nannies who were expereinced and qualified to navigate their childs specific needs.  She wished she could clone herself and help all of these families that were so in need of a nanny who understood their child.  She set out to find behaviorists who wanted a career change or worked as a aprofessional nanny.  With many faamilies reaching out to Amy for help, ABA Nannies was born.  The first nanny placement agency specializing in nannies who are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Meet out Founder

Amy Hill

Founder & CEO

Amy began working with children growing up along side her mother who worked as a nurse in the pediatric ICU and went on to work in schools as a school nurse teacher.  Amy accompianed her mother to work durring the summer for the school distrits sepecial needs summer program.  That is when she started to realize that she could help these children and she fell in love with it.  She went on to teach pre-school and pruse her BA.  While in college she spent choose special needs classrooms for her clinicals.  Amy moved from New England to Los Angeles where she worked as a Behavioral Therapist and School Shadow in schools.  Amy has also worked as a career nanny with High profile families.  She has experience with twin toddler special needs children, autistic children, ADHD, implulse control, violent behaviors, non-verbal children, elopment behaviors, specialized nutrition, and Downs Syndrome children. Some of her accomplishments include her non verbal clients starting to talk! She took a client with no now-to-one recognition to read, write, add, and subtract in less than one year! She has helped her clients give them a better choice than violent and elopment bevahiors! Amy has also taught swim lessons, worked as a life guard, taught art and dance, and is an excellent cook.  She is a modern day Mary Poppins. In her free time you can find her flying through the air on the flying trapeze.

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