Full and Part-Time Nannies

We Excell on finding you the perfect match. Our Founder Amy Hill personally vets all of the nannies at ABA Nannies, to make sure that she only sends you the most qualified nannies who understand your child’s needs. Our nannies are caring, creative, fun, can cook, teach, assist with therapy,support your child’s programs, travel, and work with you to support your child’s goals. We place both part time and full time nannies in your home.

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School Shadow

Need a school shadow to attend school with your child who is dedicated solely to your child and their goals/needs? We’ve got you covered! Our Behaviorists have experience working one on one in the school setting. We know how to give your child support while also allowing them to be as independent as possible. All of our shadows have a perfect track record for success, including putting violent behaviors on extinction, helping students gain academic improvement, assisting with speech therapy, O.T., and preventing elopement behaviors.

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Need a Super Nanny to create a plan for your child and your family? We can lend support with your nanny or transition. ABA Nannies Founder Amy Hill will come to your home and create a plan to make things run smoothly. Let us take the stress out of your day.

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About Us

After years working as a professional nanny and behavioral therapist I wanted to be able to help the lives of multiple families. I noticed after hearing countless stories from parents who couldn’t keep a nanny, or find a nanny that truly understood their child and their child’s needs, that there was a great need for nannies who were also behaviorists. At ABA nannies, I find and screen nannies who are experienced behavioral therapists, have extensive experience with various needs, excellent references, training and education. Most importantly, what you get with ABA nannies is not just a clinically trained professional but also a person who is intuitive, patient, loving, firm when needed, but also kind. Our nannies have experience with physical aggression, elopement, impulse control, autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, ED, specialized nutrition, multiples, speech delay, non-verbal, O.T., special education, and more. Neuro typical children are also welcome!! Many of our nannies have high profile experience, travel the world, and will make your family their priority. We have a strict confidentiality policy. For that reason we never reveal our clients identities. I give you my personal commitment that I will be there as a resource for your family to make sure that your needs are met. I’m always just a phone call away.



ABA Nannies Founder/CEO


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